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Kinetic Hydro Ltd is a UK-based technology start-up. It was founded in 2019 by Donald and Richard, two engineers who have led the design teams of world-class tidal and wave energy companies. They are now combining these skills and experience to develop hydro-kinetic river turbines based on the technology they have deployed in some of the harshest conditions on Earth

Who we are

Donald Naylor and Richard Montague have 25 years’ experience of what works, and what doesn’t, when you put powerful equipment in the water! The river turbine utilises only the best bits of that hard-won knowledge

Anna Robertson joined the team in 2022 as Commercial Lead

We have successfully secured a grant of £238K for Energy Catalyst round 9. Our feasibility project started in January 2023 for 12 months. Kinetic Hydro Ltd is the lead on the project with three partners; University of Leister, Challenges Catalyst and Practical action

The purpose of this project is to determine how feasible it is to use our river turbine to accelerate access to affordable, clean energy services in Uganda and to design a follow-up project to demonstrate this in practice in 2024- 2025

The University of Leicester will develop satellite techniques to assess how deep and fast the rivers in Uganda are

Challenges Group, a Scottish-African development agency will conduct market assessment and deliver a commercialisation strategy for Uganda

Practical Action will conduct on the ground research and identify the site for our pilot project in 2024

Energy Catalyst funding enables us & our partners to focus our respective expertise on applying river turbines to addressing SDG7 in Uganda

This will pave the way for future projects to have positive impacts on energy access to poor and rural households in future years

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